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The VPK Program

 We have a full service, year round program that serves infant to preschool ages, as well as before and after school for the Fishweir Elementary District. We are partnered with the Florida Early Learning Coalition and Department of Education for our VPK program. We have the distinction of being a School Readiness licensed center, meaning our program is held to a much higher level of excellence.

 Our program features the Saxon Early Learning and Funshine Online curriculums. It focuses on core subjects such as math, science, and language arts, but also uses creative arts to reinforce your child's social and emotional development. Lessons are scaffolded so each builds on the last. 

 All of our development centers were designed with the assistance of the Early Learning Coalition with your children in mind. Each is designed to lead your child to explore, observe, question, discuss, and participate in their environment.

The Math Center
Imaginary Play
The Housekeeping Center
More Blocks!
Trains and more!
Time for a doctor's visit!
Our Program: About Us
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